Magical Machine Renovation, Part 1: The Wettening
Date & Time
February 25
Machine Project

Machine Project has a probletunity before it. We’ve outgrown our space, and we had a crazy flood that trashed our office.

Often we have to turn people away because the gallery is too crowded. But! Our office is really big, bigger than we really need, especially now that we have the secret underground classroom. Let’s make our office smaller and our public space bigger. We want to move the divider between the front and the office back about ten feet, which will give us an additional 160 square feet of public space. That’s a lot! Think of all the elbow room you’ll have.

This plan got started when our (perhaps negligent) landlords let another hot water heater fail in the apartment above us (yes, this has happened before), dramatically flooding the aforementioned back office with over 100 gallons of water. How do we know that it’s over 100 gallons of water? Because after destroying our office, the water made its way down into our underground classroom, where it stayed until we collected it with our newly purchased for the occasion wet dry vac. This flood is actually a good thing, because it gave us the great idea to make the gallery bigger, but it’s also a bad thing because it destroyed our office, printers, furniture, etc. So, in conclusion, we’re trying to raise $2500, which we estimate will cover the cost of repair and renovation. And in the end, we can have a big party in our big new space.