Sunday, October 14, 2007

West Hollywood Book Faire

Sunday (September 30th) all day we will be at the West Hollywood book fair (booth 14c). Our plan was to have a bunch of books, but then we realized books are heavy. Carrying all those boxes? Who needs it! So instead, we’ll have the following…

ing doing their version of Moby Dick (Max will be playing the whale, John as Ahab)
Emily Lacy and Laura Steenberge singing about their favorite books
Machine Project poet laurate Anthony McCann making erasure poems using books found at the fair
Dave Burns of Fallen Fruit demonstrating (discreetly we hope) how to make smoke bombs
Adam Overton proposing invisible performances for you to perform
Samuel Bing singing about Derrida (if he’s back from San Diego)

and more! (maybe)

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