Monday, March 26, 2007
Whales and Cellphones

Cadillac Beach (Limited Edition)
Opening Friday, March 30, 8pm
Showing Saturday, March 31 all day

Cadillac Beach (Limited Edition) is a musical installation consisting of manipulated whale recordings, custom built sound systems and three Cadillac Escalades. Nearby tiny seagulls sing out of used styrofoam coffee cups, transplanting an oceanic experience to the sidewalk and the gallery. A piece by Peter Segerstrom

more information about Cadillac Beach

how soft is the wax
Saturday, March 31, 8pm
Musical Cellphone Inverse Waterfall.

Various musical mystery guests will be playing quiet noise in the secret gallery. A dedicated bunch will be observing in the same room, each commited to calling someone on the ground floor of Machine on their cellphone creating a multiphonic tiny speaker extravaganza. Turns can and surely will be taken to listen to the immediate and immediately broadcast experience. We hope to see you there.

The show will start at 8 and go for a while, to be followed by an non-inverse dance party courtesy of portable sunsets and tehn and dj ipod ghosts


Also on display is an 8-bit adder constructed entirely out of relays, switches, lamps, and a lot of wires. Test your binary conversion skills or learn the basics.

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