Introduction to Sewing Electronics
with Syuzi Pakhchyan
Date & Time
February 10
Machine Project

This class covers both electronics and some simple sewing. We’ll discuss how a simple circuit works, how LEDs work, how to “wire” (sew) LEDs (in series vs. parallel). There will be an introduction to electronic components that we will be using (thread, SMD battery holders, conductive threads, conductive velcro and LEDs, alligator clips, etc.)

We will hand sew the inner circuitry, covering the basics of threading the needle with a needle threader and how to hand sew a line. Most of the bracelet making will be done with hand sewing, with the option of either machine sewing the final bracelet together or using the iron-on seam to iron it together.

If you have a sewing machine bring it along but you are not required to machine sew for this class.