Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Sirs and Madams, a.k.a Shamus Pipers,

The Bureau of Forensic Sciences and Criminology of Machine Project would like to express our deep gratitude for your assistance in the investigation of case #3970, operation Le Hunt.

We are pleased to announce the apprehension of Dawn’s killer, Penelope Dunwood; our Special Forces unit captured Penelope early Thursday morning when they invaded a “Curves for Women” gym establishment frequented by the accused. Mrs. Dunwood is currently being held, without bail, in a maximum security tar pit located in the sub-level of Machine Project, where she will remain as an indentured grant writer for the organization for the length of the current economic crisis.

Unfortunately, Judd Dunwood and Dr. Farhad are still at large. Informants tell us the fugitives have been spotted masquerading as a 2-man Hobo Joe’s Jug Band™, Holiday 2008 Edition in the “Miracle Mile” District. This counterfeit act is considered brazen piracy of the TrueFolk™ intellectual property. In order to avoid prosecution as an accessory to this crime, we suggest you request TrueFolk™ identification from all Holiday Buskers before listening to Jug Band Ditties™ or throwing coinage in their direction.

And without further ado, we are pleased to announce the winners!

Using a complex algorithm, our crime scene analysts and forensic technicians have determined the two Le Hunt Grand Prize winners, who will each receive a 1-year membership to LACMA – free access to art and state-of-the-art public restrooms in the heart of Los Angeles:

Congratulations to Justin Michael and to Linda Baley for their interpretations of existing evidence!

For Detective Michael’s exemplary in-depth analysis of the crime, please refer to Appendix 4.

The Bureau also extends deep appreciation for the analyses, though at times erroneous, of the following Pipers, who, for their efforts, will receive the Shamus Piper Certified “Mystery Prize”:
Sofie Henckel, Chloe Tsang, Esme Grundy, Greg McDonald, Marie Hiemstra, Teagan Picciano, Breann Williams, “Joyce”*, “Saerimi”*, Jessica Grey Merliss, Candice Mack, Lori Singleton, Berrie Tsang, Jonas Oppenheim, Ann Zumwinkle

Also, we would like to express extra appreciation to the following Pipers for Abundant Creative Rumination:
Ann Zumwinkle, Joyce*, and Saerimi*
see Appendix 5 for their interpretations of the crime.

Fine work, Old Chums!
We look forward to contacting you as soon as another heinous crime of interest comes to our attention.

With eternal sincerity,
The Bureau

*suspected pseudonyms

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