Thursday, February 14, 2008
Feel the Love 2008: A Valentine’s Pre-fix Workshop

Machine Project lovingly presents a Valentine’s Evening workshop of intimate explorations, hosted by RoutesAndMethods and a r t S p a. Geared for lovers, loners, and strangers, this year’s workshop features the music of newlyweds, psychic messages galore, Chinese finger traps, and much much more as we wrestle our way to the most satisfying Valentine’s ever. Oh, and the Tin Man is our guest of honor. Expect six courses of local organic delicacies and refreshment. This year’s Valentine’s Evening workshop will include the following contributions:

* Matias Viegener will lead a guided meditation on the ground. We’ll explore what it is to be grounded, to be attached to this earth, and where the love is to be found.

* Lovereflections Psychic Journey with Krystal Krunch. Ero-feedback for couples and singles. Learn just how good you really are.

* Inspired by their mutual love, Lewis Keller and Cat Lamb will perform music with each other and for each other.

* Jack Wilmarth and Joel Kyack will lead fun, simple games to help you fight.

* Engage in some intimate kissy-poo vibrations and music with Adam Overton.

* Enjoy methodical transitions throughout the evening with Michael Parker.

* And be sure to welcome our guest of honor, the Tin Man.




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