Tuesday, March 25, 2008

FIELD: Sukhadia (tabla) + Kitundu (invented instruments)


Friday April 11, 2008: FIELD Sukhadia + Kitundu
FREE Concert 7PM

FIELD is an intersecting collaboration between instruments and tradition: tabla and phonoharps. Ancient traditional practice, new instrumentation, and improvisational imagination merge to create new soundscapes. The future of sound will be shaped by the cross-fertilization of cultures and the breaking down of communication and class barriers. Traditions of music and culture are merging with new instruments and forms of expression.

FIELD‘s musical expressions explore these questions: What is the role and importance of imagination in developing music and instrumentation? What is the future of sound and music? How are ancient musical traditions finding a voice in the present? In what manner should we use these aesthetic endeavors to propagate cultural respect, artistic investigation, and the development of multifaceted creative and educational experiences?


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