Thursday, October 16, 2008


LOCATION: Los Angeles Times Central Court and beyond

Jessica Z. Hutchins and Dawn Kaspar
le Hunt: Murder in the Museum
Director Roundtable Sculpture Garden and throughout the campus

le Hunt opens with the “discovery” of a female corpse under Alexander Calder’s Hello, Girls. Museum-goers may take part in solving the mystery by following a series of strategically-placed clues that lie throughout the museum.


Karen Lofgren
In the bamboo grove below the Los Angeles Times Central Court

Astrum lunare Microcosmicum.
As is before shewed, take Urine well putrefied in a Tub, exposed to the Air for seven Weeks, all one as you do when you’re to make a Spirit of it; in which lies the Fosperus; but the Art is somewhat difficult to get it from thence.


Casey Rentz
from here to here
Between Machine Project and the Los Angeles Times Central Court

Starting at dawn on November 15th, Casey will walk 6.4 miles to link Machine Project and LACMA with a very long piece string.


Jason Torchinsky
The Dorothy Collins Brown Fountain

In an effort to reclaim every bit of kinetic energy the LACMA expends, this miraculous device transforms the force of the entry fountain’s waterfall into a stunning, flickery animation, all but guaranteed to change one’s life.


LOCATION: Pavillion for Japanese Art

Potter Wasp and Mason Bee Consider Structural Integrity
East Wing (Level 3)

Small robots listen for lit squares, cautiously tapping insect habit inspired ceramic resonators. Patterns shape themselves with audience intervention.


Jason Torchinsky
Peeping Netsuke
The Raymond and Frances Bushell Netsuke Gallery Balcony (Level 2)

Part of a larger program to automate and mechanize hauntings, this device reveals a colossal netsuke looming in the window, glowering at anyone unfortunate enough to meet his luminescent gaze.


LOCATION: Armand Hammer Building

Fol Chen
Untitled (Wiener Werkstatte, textile length)
Gift Store (Level 2)

Fol Chen make the connection between pattern and song explicit in this aural interpretation of a Wiener Werkstätte textile.


The Cheer Committee: Stephanie Hutin and Florencio Zavala
Cheer Up the Loneliest Gallery
Photography Foyer (Level 3)

Cheer up the loneliest gallery. It needs you. It needs all of us. Nobody wants to be lonely.


Lewis Keller
Ambient Audio Tour CD
Gift Store (Level 2)

A sonic tour of the unseen hum, buzzes, and rumbles that inhabit LACMA’s hallowed halls.


LOCATION: Leo S. Bing Center

The Faraway Places Modal Energy Music Configuration
The Birds Have Their Own Museum, Vol. II
Plaza Cafe, noon – 1pm

A nomadic circle of musicians gradually surround audiences with a ring of cascading acoustic guitars, woodwinds, and bells. An omniphonic listening experience.


LOCATION: Ahmanson Building

Center for Tactical Magic
Wands, 2008
Ahmanson Building (Level 3)

A collection of contemporary wands calls attention to the manner in which archaic or irrational magical themes are re-articulated through consumer products, gizmos, and technologies.


Ken Ehrlich
Kinetic Companion: El Lissitzky responds to Proun 3A, 1920
Ahmanson Building Lobby (Level 2)

Kinetic Companion: Mondrian responds to Composition in White, Red, and Yellow, 1936
The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Gallery (Level 2)

Kinetic Companions are small, discreet kinetic sculptures that respond directly to specific paintings in the permanent collection. Each sculpture acts like an interpretive machine, playfully foregrounding the relationship between two and three dimensional systems of representation.


The Institute for Figuring
The Charles E. and Palmer G. Ducommun Gallery (Level 2), 12 – 3pm / 3:30 – 6:30pm

Margaret and Christine Wertheim will lead a workshop on how to crochet trash bags into hyperbolic corals. All works created on the day will be incorporated into the Institute’s ever-expanding Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef installation. Come and weave your own plastic garbage into this monster.


Lewis Keller
Thornton Room Rumble Modification
The Charles B. and Flora L. Thornton Gallery (Level 3)

A live remix of the ambient drone of the air conditioning system.


Walter Kitundu
Kinetic Sun Painting
The Virginia Kingston Gallery (Level 4)

A hand-cranked mechanical jellyfish reflects and channels the gallery’s highlights and shadows into new shapes.


Emily Lacy
Please Don’t Touch Anything! / A Sacred Oratorio for the Precious
Ahmanson Building Lobby (Level 1), 1 – 2pm / 7 – 8pm

A multi-vocalized anthem exploring the sanctity of Art.

Folk Songs of the Modernist Period
The Taper Family Gallery (Level 2), 5 – 6pm

Emily Lacy will sing mid-century folk songs corresponding to the dates of abstract paintings between 1955-1970.


Douglas Lee
Glass Harmonica
The Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chandler Gallery (Level 3), 2 – 3pm

Glass Harmonica virtuoso Douglas Lee will play a selection of audience favorites using pitch perfect water glasses.


Adam Overton
Time after time after … (for Chet Baker)
Ahmanson Building Lobby, surrounding Tony Smith’s Smoke (Level 2), noon – 1pm-ish

Sixty performers surround Tony Smith’s Smoke. Each attempts to clap once per minute for sixty minutes without use of a time keeping device.


Kamau Patton
Proliferation of Concept / Accident Tolerant. A Series of Feedback Loops
The David Murdock Family Gallery (Level 2)

Kamau Patton performs Herbert Brun’s “Hit or Miss”, a sound work based on the computer graphic Mutatis Mutandis 33, using video feedback and percussive time-keeping devices.


Performance to be viewed via Telescope
Pauley Gallery of Ancient Greek and Roman Sculpture (Level 3), Hourly.

In a remotely located replica of the Doorway with Arms of the Counts of Chazay, a guitarist will perform 1 minute of speed metal, every hour on the hour.


Laura Steenberge
Melancholy Contrabass Improvisations
Camilla Chandler Frost Gallery (Level 3)

Laura will play amongst the Dutch paintings for really kind of a lot of hours.


Robin Sukhadia
The Virginia Kingston Gallery, Steele Gallery, and the Yvonne and Harry Lenart Gallery (Level 4), 1 – 1:30pm / 2 – 2:30pm / 4 – 4:30pm / 5 – 5:30pm

A musical tour of north Indian classical ragas, folk bhajans, and jazz. Musicians throughout the gallery will improvise freely around structures of time and melody, with fixed classical elements.


Mathew Timmons and Dan Richert
Ursonorous Disruptions
The Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Pauley Gallery (Level 2)

Using Kurt Schwitter’s score Ursonate as a guide, pre-recorded performances are mixed with user-generated audio and played back according to the poem’s phonetic structure.


Various Artists
Machine Musical Elevator
Ahmanson Building Elevators, 2 – 7pm

A string quartet, a fife and drum core, a gamelan orchestra, and Bulgarian choral singers perform in a trio of elevators. Passengers welcome.


Holly Vesecky
Sam Frantasy
The Taper Family Gallery (Level 2)

Holly will recreate Sam Francis’ abstract painting Toward Disappearance with the lush, ephemeral decadence of live flowers.


LOCATION: Art of the Americas

Ken Ehrlich
Kinetic Companion: Pousette-Dart responds to The Edge, 1943-1945
The Richard and Dorothy Sherwood Gallery (Level 2)

(see other description – Kimberly, we don’t want to list this twice).


Adam Overton and friends
experimental music and massage
The Eva and George Kanheim Gallery (Level 2), 3 – 6pm

In this sunlit gallery of decorative art, Adam and friends will offer free chair massages with therapeutic experimental music by local composers and performers.


Ryan Taber
Phylogeography And The Multiplex; Building a Nesting Box Community Demo
Balcony (Level 3), 1 – 6pm

Hands-on demonstration of avian nesting box building techniques using materials recovered from the LACMA grounds and your favorite materials from home, culminating in the construction of a sculptural nesting box community space. For birds.


LOCATION: [mobile]

Jacinto Astiazarán, Fritz Haeg, and Flora Wiegmann
Alpha Lacma Majoris

Flora Wiegmann, Fritz Haeg and Jacinto Astiazarán will move through the campus charting constellations and star maps. When viewed as a whole, a collective motivation may become clear.


Barbershop Hum
noon – 2pm

A quartet of overtone singers harmonize wordlessly with the flickering lights, hidden fans, and LACMA’s electrical current.


Corey Fogel
countercumlative marcotting

A dance and noise improvisation for performer and three hundred aluminum black pepper shakers. A kinetic Corey sculpture with recursive narrative – vertical, and without beginning or end.

slow walking color takers

Two travelers from another dimension are transported to LACMA in search of vibrant color combinations. Upon discovery, specific colors elicit mysterious sounds from the alien tourists.


Annie O’Malley
The Phenomenon of Intersection: Three Tours
Departing from Mission Control at 2pm (Pleistocene) / 4pm (Spheres) / 6pm (Sewing)

Join Annie K. O’Malley for one of three tours exploring the nexus of art and science. Tours include LACMA during the Pleistocene Epoch, the Music of the Spheres in paint, and the Industrial Sewing Revolution.



Walter Kitundu & Robin Sukadia
inside Richard Serra’s Sequence, 3 – 3:30pm / 6 – 6:30pm

Walter Kitundu and Robin Sukhadia will perform with invented instruments and tabla (the classical North Indian drums) in Richard Serra’s epic sculpture.


The Public School
Richard Serra Reading Room [with residual thought bubbles]
inside Richard Serra’s Sequence and Band, Sundays prior to the event October 19 – November 9th

In the weeks leading up to November 15th, the Public School hosted a series of seminars inside Richard Serra sculptures. Classes included One Place After Another Is Never the Same Place, Blubber Bowlines and Boat Hulls, The Economy of Giant-Ass Sculpture, the Democratic Museum, and Ekphrasis: Writers as Artists Reacting to Art.



Ambient Force 3000 and “Expert Hairstylists”
Ambient Haircut

Hairstylists collaborate with a team of live ambient musicians to work on your head, inside and out.


Matthew Au

The ultimate cultural dollhouse. A 16 foot scale model of the entire LACMA campus with every building and gallery. Electroluminescence indicates sites of activity.


Joshua Beckman

A handout for visitors to the museum on the benefits of clapping for art. The Wiener Krier Project is an International Arts research organization.


Joshua Beckman & Anthony McCann
Exit Interviews

Poets Joshua Beckman and Anthony McCann will conduct FREE EXIT INTERVIEWS of museum visitors.


Cheryl Cambras
Chris Burden Birds
noon – 3pm, 3:30 – 6:30pm

A crochet workshop to craft fuzzy companions for Chris Burden’s Urban Lights.


Electronics Workshop
noon – 6pm

Learn to solder in this hands-on electronics workshop. All participants build (and keep) a primitive synthesizer.


Fallen Fruit
LACMA Fruit Map


Jim Fetterley

A live broadcast combines past, present and future footage of all the day’s events.


Liz Glynn
Replica Replica, after W.R.H.
noon – 6pm

LACMA’s throwaways are transformed into precious objects for the future. Join Liz Glynn to create replicas of works from the Classical sculpture collection out of the museum’s trash. Blender optional.


Walter Kitundu
Kinetic Sun Painting


Nap Area

Fight museum fatigue! With musical accompaniment.


Adam Overton
invisible performances pamphlet
pamphlet available at Mission Control

An invitation to join us in some invisible performances, quite possibly of profound proportions (though no promises), while browsing the collection, and perhaps even for the rest of your life.


Nate Page
Mission Control Bunker

A temporarily centralized resource for divergent cultural needs. Abundant nesting materials and well-appointed comfort zones. Mausoleum inspired forms surrounding the red pillars. Office carpet is essential.


Douglas Irving Repetto
foal army (budget cuts)

America’s premier foal army gallops triumphantly* across the BP Grand Plaza, celebrating 101 years as “America’s Favorite Fighting Foals”.

* Due to recent budget cuts, miniature, underpowered foals may teeter, limp, and/or straggle. Triumph optional.

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