Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Le Hunt – appendix 4

Det. Justin Michael’s original report reads as follows:
WHO: Penelope Dunwood

HOW: After being tarred and feathered by Dr. Farhad and Mr. Dunwood (under the influence of mushrooms/running off after Sage shot a warning shot), Penelope returns to the scene of their torture to retrieve her dog after she realizes her husband forgot it. Dawn is covered in tar, protecting the dog from the budgies by cradling it against her torso. Penelope yanks it away, and strangles her with the dog collar (which was found around her neck — although Mr. Dunwood apparently brought back home, meaning she took it after he went to sleep).

MOTIVE: Despite the fact that her husband was cheating on her, Mrs. Dunwood wanted to kill Dawn to ensure her husband’s (and therefore her own) financial security. He would make a good amount of money from e-baying the smuggled pottery (hidden within the less valuable larger pottery). As Penelope explained, Vinge didn’t understand that brute force wouldn’t provide financial security. Even though she was unhappy with marriage, she still wanted the money. Dawn was a threat to her husband and his money, therefore a threat to her financial security, and somebody she needed to get rid of.

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