Farewell to Analog TV
with Jason Torchinsky
Date & Time
June 12, 2009, 10pm
Machine Project

Join us on Friday June 12th at 10pm for a talk by Jason Torchinsky about mechanical televisions, to be followed by a countdown to the demise of analog TV.

At midnight (Friday night/Sat morning) all the old analog television broadcasts will stop, to be replaced by digital signals. That means old TVs without converter boxes won’t work anymore. In memoriam of the TV we all have known and loved/hated, we’ll be gathering a pyramid of old TVs together for a countdown as they go to static, all at once.

Machine project reader Jeff writes in…

“Wow. You know, I have a lot of intense feelings about this ( loss of the analog signal…static, or bad reception) I’ve been thinking about it off and on for a long time. Wish I could be there. I’m having my own lil’ moment here in my temp studio with an old familar studio friend of 11 years from japan… my 9” Sony trinatron. A photo is included with the last improvised antenna that i’ll ever make. Instant presence in lonely temporary studio. It could get a picture from just sticking a cable cord in it and touching something metal. A beautiful thing indeed.”