Fruit Tree Giveaway
with Fallen Fruit
Date & Time
February 8, 2009, 12pm–3pm
Machine Project

Fallen Fruit has been given about 90 trees from Treepeople’s Fruit Tree Giveaway program. These are nursery-sized trees which are intended for underserved communities. We’re giving them to you to plant in or over public space, or on the boundary of private property so the tree will be shared by others in your community.

If you are interested, you should understand you’re committing to a long-term relationship. You will need to water your tree regularly (at least twice a week when it is growing) for its first 3 years. The first year is most important. In later years many fruit trees can survive with less water and little care, unlike humans. Also your tree will need to be planted ASAP and kept in the shade until planted. It will need at least six hours of direct sunlight or else it may not bear fruit.

We will provide planting instructions but you will plant it yourself. Consider preparing the hole (about 2×2 feet, tho bigger is better) before you come. If your soil is poor, think about buying a bag of soil amendment, like compost or peat moss. “Give a little love, and it all comes back to you.”

Questions? email info@fallenfruit.org.