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Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Waffle Shop meets Porta Hedge, Surface Tension book launch, + Fallen Fruit’s 4th Annual Public Jam

The Porta Hedge is a mobile artificial hedge with a hidden interior observation lab, replete with video surveillance, peep holes, chalkboards, and prerecorded bird audio. Justin Shull and his team are traveling the country with the Porta Hedge this summer, siting it in as diverse landscapes as possible, using the interior observation space (mainly as a defense during overnight stays at rest stops), and lending it out for other people to use.

Coincidentally, we also have a guest in town, our friend Jon Rubin, who’s just opened an experimental restaurant/talk show venue in Pittsburgh called the Waffle Shop. Both Jon and the Porta Hedge are here for a limited time, so please join us TONIGHT, Tuesday July 28th, at 8pm for “Waffle Shop meets Porta Hedge”. A brief presentation by Jon about the Waffle Shop will be followed by a talk and show-and-tell by Justin about the Porta Hedge. Links to more info on both projects here:


Then please join us for drinks and books this Thursday night at 8pm! We’re celebrating the latest release from Errant Bodies Press, “What remains of a building divided into equal parts and distributed for reconfiguration”. This is the second volume in the Surface Tension Supplement series, dedicated to critical writing on art, architecture and performance. More info here:


And finally, on Sunday from 10am – 1pm, it’s our fourth annual Public Fruit Jam with the Fallen Fruit Collective. Bring along your home-grown or public fruit and any clean, empty glass jars you have. Fallen Fruit will bring public fruit. At the end everyone will leave with a jar of communal jam. If enough people bring surplus, even the empty handed will leave with jam. Vats of fun for all!


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