In Collaboration with Learning Music
Learning Music’s Music Learning Workshop & Album Launch
with John Wood
Date & Time
March 1, 2009, 8pm
Machine Project

Join us for Learning Music’s Music Learning Workshop at Machine Project.

In lieu of the usual record release show and in the spirit of LMM’s collaborative nature, John Wood will lead the audience in an interactive lecture, teaching a few pieces of music that will culminate in a massive live performance. Participants are asked to bring a small instrument for the occasion; members of Learning Music will be on hand to teach and play.

All ages and FREE!

How it’ll work:

Bring a small instrument (especially if you have a small, battery-powered keyboard). We will try to have extras on hand for anyone who can’t bring one. Anyone attending the event should be prepared to participate in group singing, clapping, or easy instrument-playing. No prior experience is required.

Upon arrival, participants will check in and receive a copy of the new Learning Music album. They will then be directed toward a series of collaborative stations, including an art table, a poetry booth, and a mini-recording studio, all of which will serve as working examples in the discussion to follow.

After everyone has had a chance to visit these stations, we’ll have a workshop/lecture, in which participants learn and play several songs together. Topics will include simple approaches to rhythm, harmony, orchestration, improvisation, and controlled chaos. The Learning Music band will then perform a short set of songs demonstrating some of the ideas discussed.

About Learning Music:
Learning Music Monthly is a collaborative, subscription based album-a-month series featuring original material from composer John Wood and the Learning Music band. By purchasing the series online, subscribers receive a CD in unique handmade packaging every month, delivered directly to their doorstep. March ’09 marks the first month of Learning Music Monthly and the band will celebrate the best way they know how… by learning (even more) music.

Started in 2006 by John Wood (keyboardist for Inara George, Sebastien Tellier, Willoughby and Obi Best among others), Learning Music began as an opportunity for various musicians to play, write and record music in a collaborative setting, resulting in an album a month. Twelve months later, Wood decided it was time to get out of the house. Inspired by early works of Terry Riley, the Talking Heads, Woody Guthrie and Storm & Stress, Learning Music became a live band, which has included as little as four to as many as twenty musicians at one time.

For more information and to hear sounds, visit www.learningmusicmonthly.com

For a sample track off the new album, click here.