An Enormous Microscopic Evening at the Hammer Museum
Date & Time
November 6, 2010, 4pm–7pm
Hammer Museum in Westwood

We live in a golden age of microscopes, in which new forms, designs and applications for this fantastic tool are constantly being developed and employed.

On November 6th, 2010 CRITTER Salon and Machine Project will be at the Hammer Museum for an event called An Enormous Microscopic Evening, which will celebrate, demonstrate and display a variety of magnification devices, from state of the art equipment and futuristic gadgets to home made single lens scopes designed to see the invisible. We will have an entire section on mobile and home-made microscopy, and would like to encourage people to join this one night event to show off any hacked microscopy applications or technology that you would like to share.

Enter the looking glass and encounter a room illuminated by glowing tables and screens of every scale and order. Observe mesmerizing and sublime live images created by experts, amateurs, and hobbyists who will share how they practice their craft. Build a microscope using easy to find materials and simple construction then use it on our light tables! Live music will accompany your journey into the enormously microscopic, where you can see dancing DNA, take home a portrait of your own cheek cell, and view what miniature life looks like to an IMAX camera.

What might a world with over a billion connected microscopes look like? Enormous Microscopic Evening will be showing off miniature scopes created for the field will demonstrate the possibilities of using cheap and powerful networked microscopes. Learn how “social microscopy” is being used in medicine, mapping and environmental safety, and changing the way we look at the whole world in the process.

Enormous Microscopic Evening is presented as part of Machine Project’s Public Engagement Artist in Residence at the Hammer.

You can see some images from a smaller version of this event that happened up in the Bay Area last year here:

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