ACCORDION: New and Experimental Music
Date & Time
August 14, 2010, 1pm–4pm
Hammer Museum

The Little William Theater Festival of New Music continues into week 2, with duo accordion pieces performed by Daniel Corral and Isaac Schankler.

Each piece is under two minutes in length, and seating is first come, first served basis.

Works to be performed this weekend:

Greg Davis
Robin Hayward
Jeffrey TreviƱo
Jacob David Sudol
Lona Kozik
Liza White
Antje Vowinckel
Eric KM Clark
Linda Caitlin Smith
Marc Sabat
Sam Pluta
James E. Klopfleisch
Casey Thomas Anderson
Laura Steenberge
Lainie Fefferman
Rama Gottfried
Jenna Lyle
David Kant
Andrew Rowan
Ryan Tanaka
Roberto Azaretto
John Bischoff
Douglas Detrick
Larry Polansky
Nicholas Deyoe

The Festival of New Music comprises four resident ensembles, 96 composers, 350+ new works, and over 400 concerts inside a coatroom, under the stairs in the lobby of the Hammer Museum. All works have been commissioned for this festival, and are under two minutes in length.