Fry-B-Q / Freeze-B-Q / Fizz-B-Q
Date & Time
December 18, 2010, 7pm–10pm
Machine Project

Members Only!

This is our annual holiday fundraiser party — suggested donation for all-you-can-fry is $5 at the door!

This year’s annual deep fat fried holiday party will feature fast-fried foods, flash-frozen ice cream, and hopefully some fresh-fizzed homemade soda.

Once again, Fry-B-Q is MEMBERS ONLY this year! Become a Machine Project Member and start planning your fry menu today. You can also renew your membership or become a new member at the event, but you MUST be a member to attend. Membership starts at just $32/year.

In years past we’ve fried everything from marshmallows (fail), to bacon-wrapped peanut butter and banana sandwiches (win), to rabbit (hm). This year, we’re adding liquid nitrogen and carbonation to the party. We’ll have a blender and various fruity ingredients we’ll be attempting to flash-freeze into something chilly and delicious, but this may or may not actually work and could possibly result in disaster. There will be rum though, which you can add to freshly-made ginger ale and root beer concocted by our Ginger Ale and Root Beer Class, if you dare.

And now, instructions:

1) Arrive between 7 – 10 pm Saturday Dec 18th.

2) Bring something edible to fry. Our trained fryolater technicians will be standing by, eager to batter and fatify your soon to be delicious snacks. Our extensive testing suggests that almost any item will bring great fried satisfaction – potatoes, fish, vegetables, onions, twinkies, etc. Just in case we bought extra fire extinguishers.

3) Bring checks (or credit cards) small and large and become a friend of Machine Project, if you’re not already. We need your help to keep doing what we do, and your membership fee is fully tax deductible. Details on our support page here.