MEMBERS ONLY!: Win tickets to the Spring 2011 Cabinet Magazine Benefit Cocktail Party in New York
Date & Time
April 29, 2011, 8pm–12am
The Green Building

 CONTEST OVER! Winning word revealed!

Congratulations to Tim Bartlett, winner of our 2011 Win Tickets to the Spring Cabinet Magazine Benefit Cocktail Party in New York Contest!

Tim’s winning guess was “dirigible”. This was the closest word to the one Michele was thinking, which was…

DESMAN! A small, semiquatic European mammal related to the mole, with a long, tubular muzzle and webbed toes. Like this.

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Dear Contest-loving Machine Project Members,

One of our favorite publications, Cabinet Magazine, is putting on their second annual Benefit Cocktail Party in New York next Friday night.

We love Cabinet, and also have beloved Machine members who live on the East Coast and can’t come visit us easily, so for all of you far away people we’re once again having a contest to win a pair of tickets to Cabinet’s benefit. Maybe the free tickets will make up for the money and personal items you might be losing the the team of pickpockets they’ve hired this year (jealous!).

So, especially for all of our Members on the East Coast, or any who will be on the East Coast the night of Friday April 29th, we’ve purchased a pair of tickets to the Cabinet Benefit Cocktail Party (a $150 value) that you, yes you, could win! And have for free! And use to get yourself and a friend into the cocktail party, where you can eat their delicious but modest snacks, and witness close-up magic, and have a generally grand old time. More info on the event here:


The contest is simple: Guess what word our Operations Manager Michele Yu is thinking of.

She is thinking of a word located between “cat” and “dumpling” in the Oxford American College Dictionary (2002 edition), and she’s taken a photo of herself pointing to it. She and our development director Melanie have painstakingly uploaded this photo to a heavily-guarded email they sent to themselves that will be opened on Monday, April 25th at 12pm noon. You have until 11:59pm PST on Sunday, April 24th, 2011 to email us a guess as to what the word is (just ONE guess each!) to machine@machineproject.com.

The winner will be whoever guesses the word listed nearest to the word she is thinking of. For instance, if her word is “corn” and you guessed “corndog” you will win over someone who guesses “dodecahedron” (obviously).

By noon on Monday, April 25th, 2011 we will reveal the number right here on this webpage, and announce a winner.


In the very unlikely event of a tie, we’ll come up with something (don’t worry about it).


p.s. For more info, or to just go ahead and buy tickets to the Cabinet Magazine Benefit Cocktail Party, click here.