Camp Cleveland Events
Date & Time
January 17March 31

A rough schedule of Machine Project events in Cleveland Camps at SPACES:

Machine Project is transforming SPACES into a performance environment of stadium-like seating featuring thrift store couches. These “couchbleachers” will be host to a wide range of experiences, activities, and artistic practices.

Jan 27–Feb 4: Nate Page builds couchbleachers at random hours.

Feb 11-13, 4–5pm: Emily Lacy performs delay-heavy music and provides warm cookies daily. Ezra Buchla and Corey Fogel begin musical experiments and appearances. Morning juicing by Corey possible.

Feb 11, 6pm: Opening celebration for “Camp Cleveland”, Machine Project’s Exhibition and Residency at SPACES featuring Emily Lacy, Corey Fogel, Ezra Buchla, food, workshops, and more.

Feb 15–21: Corey Fogel and Ezra Buchla lead a series of individual and collaborative music experiments.

Feb 19, 7pm: All-night performance event by Corey Fogel and Liz Glynn

Feb 23, 7pm: Destruction Karyoke with Liz Glynn: Come ready to sing, and bring your favorite smashable prop / object-to-be-destroyed

Feb 26, 11am: Brunch with broken instruments. There will be food, and unmelodious melodies.

Feb 26, 6pm – late night: Wagner Apocalypse: A participatory re-enactment of the complete Ring Cycle, remixed, orchestrated by Liz Glynn

Mar 5–6, 1–4pm: Psychic mediumship and energy reading workshops by Krystal Krunch

Mar 12, 7pm: Lecture on the History of Couch Furniture, by Laura Steenberge

Mar 17–20 (times TBA): A massage workshop for artists, experimental music & massage for all, and experimental meditation, facilitated by Adam Overton and artSpa

Mar 26, 1pm: Participatory human yarn instrument and lecture on Strings by Laura Steenberge

Mar 29–30, 4–5 p.m.: Emily Lacy resumes delay-heavy  musical performances daily

Mar 31, 7 p.m.: Closing folk-music-inspired event and biscuit party by Emily Lacy and Laura Steenberge

Participating artists:

Sculptor Nate Page will be constructing stadium-like seating out of thrift store couches, forming “couchbleachers.”

Emily Lacy is a folksinger and a delay-pedal-chant innovator.

Ezra Buchla is a musician performing through voice, viola, and various electronics.

Corey Fogel is a drummer and performance artist who improvises with sound, materials, gestures, and time.

Liz Glynn is a sculptor consistently working with people, found or discarded materials, and historical narratives.

Asher Hartman and Haruko Tanaka are Krystal Krunch, two artists who see and respond to energy in the body, the psyche, personal objects, and architectural spaces.

Adam Overton is a living artist, composer and performer of experimental action and music, and massage therapist based in Los Angeles.

Laura Steenberge is a Musician, Linguist and science charlatan of sorts.