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Dorkbot SoCal 43
with Christopher O'Leary, Lewis Keller, and Michael Wilson and Chris Weisbart
Date & Time
February 27, 2011, 1pm
Machine Project

This Sunday Dorkbot SoCal welcomes four amazing creators explaining how they do interesting things with electricity — Christopher O’Leary, Lewis Keller, and Michael Wilson and Chris Weisbart.

Christopher O’Leary is an artist who works across mediums including video, photography, sound and installation. Utilizing novel lighting and post-production techniques, the creation of his work is tightly
controlled, enhancing and building upon the performative aspects of his projects. These activities include performance art, computer-vision systems and non-linear videos.

Christopher O'Leary

Los Angeles based artist Lewis Keller manipulates frequency, timbre and amplitude via performance, installation, fabrication and digital media. His work combines sophisticated technology with crude humble structures, inviting listeners to question their relationships with time, technology, space, sound and silence. He received his BA from Colorado College and his MFA from CalArts.

Lewis Keller

Michael Wilson and Chris Weisbart of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles will be presenting on the incorporation of DIY and open source technologies in the museum exhibit world, where the need for interpretive and educational technology is often not matched by budgets. The team will present a lecture on projects they have developed for the NHM as well as a current project that Michael and Chris have been working on in collaboration with students at New Mexico Highlands University dealing with the Miller-Urey experiment.

Chris and Michael

Dorkbot SoCal is a semi-monthly meeting of people doing strange things with electricity.