Feedback: Music
with Mark Trayle
Date & Time
March 25
Machine Project

Unstable Horns.

Mark will present new pieces for feedback networks. One for the laptop, one for two trumpets, one for horn, trombone and tuba. The brass instruments are slightly modified, with microphones replacing mouthpieces and speakers replacing mutes. Inverting the usual linear approach to playing…. vibrations at one end make sound come out the other… instruments become small acoustic spaces that can be explored but not controlled. Performances by Trio Kobayashi, Mark Trayle, and Chris Kallmyer.

“A constant thread running through my music – in my solo work, my work with The Hub, and in compositions for instrumental groups – is the idea of emergence. The late 70s found me interconnecting analog synth modules, enjoying the sounds of the wildlife in a seemingly random electronic ecosystem, waiting for patterns to emerge. Since the early days of ‘personal computing’ I’ve done the same in the digital domain. My recent work has focused on extending that sonic exploration with resonant objects and spaces, in pieces made from electronic feedback networks both analog and digital. In performance these pieces are processes of listening, discovery, and adaptation rather than musical determinacy.”

-Mark Trayle