Hitting Walls (v.XV): Making a Ball
with Carlin Wing
Date & Time
January 16, 2011, 12pm–4pm
Machine Project

A free event and workshop with Carlin Wing.

Offered in conjunction with a Crochet Your Own Fingerless Handball Glove Workshop on 1/15/11 and a Crochet a Handball Workshop on 1/16/11 as part of what can only be called Handball Fever Weekend 2011!

Carlin Wing will lead an investigatory workshop on the history of ballmaking. Participants will consider the histories of balls made out of rubber, cloth, pig bladders and plastic bags while making their own out of a wide range of everyday materials. Taking both the subject and space of play seriously, we will make balls suited (or un-) for Machine Project, the Von’s parking lot, and other proposed sites. Do we want to make good balls or bad balls? Bouncing balls or breakable balls or balls that can break things?

Some materials will be provided but participants are also encouraged to bring things they have lying around in the back of drawers and the bottom of closets (ie. bedsheets, packing materials, wine corks, medical tape, string, balloons, rubber bands, socks missing their mates, etc).

The free workshop will run from 12-4pm on Sunday, January 16th, 2011 and will consist of a brief introduction to the project, then several hours of ball-making followed by some playful product testing. The workshop is free and open to all. Participants should plan to arrive on time.

In conjunction with Hitting Walls (v.XV): Making a Ball, Cheryl Cambras will offer two limited enrollment crochet workshops. On Saturday January 15 from 12-3pm, she will run a three-hour workshop on how to crochet fingerless handball gloves. This workshop is only open to people with some prior knowledge of crochet. On Sunday January 16, from 1-4pm, she will run a three-hour workshop on how to crochet balls. This workshop will be embedded into Carlin Wing’s Making a Ball workshop and participants are encouraged to come for the intro to the general workshop at 12pm.

Hitting Walls (v.XV): Making a Ball is a new iteration of Wing’s ongoing project, Hitting Walls, which bounces off of the history, architecture, equipment and gestures of the sport of squash in order to address colonial histories, globalization and the potential for individual bodies to assert agency within overdetermined structures.