Andrew Maxwell
Date & Time
May 25, 2012, 8pm
Machine Project

Andrew Maxwell is an ensemble fiction.

As A Maxwell, he collects epigrams, poems and inventories in small booklets, several of which are forthcoming in special editions by Ugly Duckling and Apogee presses.

As Andrew Maxwell, he runs the Poetic Research Bureau in Chinatown, founded a few journals (eg, The Germ, Double Change), and was official song titlist for several bands (eg, Deerhoof, The Fucking Champs), while himself a tubthumper for other bands (eg, Open City, The Curtains).

As Max Maxwell, he designs taxonomies, knowledge graphs and universal systems of classification for Google, where he’s worked for the past decade.

As DJ Papa Gentle, he spins out “outernational” free radio on KXLU on his weekly program “The Dream of Harry Lime”.

As Turks Teeth, he marries the sabermetric tendency with deeply obsessive fan bitterness as a contributing editor to Mat Gleason’s antiauthoritarian Los Angles Angels blog, Halos Heaven.

On Friday May 25th, he defers to the naked initial, and reads his epigrams and poems for the Machine crowd. He’ll be joined by Eliot Eidelman and Evan Backer of the Realization Orchestra.