Cabeza Debacle
Date & Time
September 8, 2012, 5pm
Machine Project

Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca’s voyage from Spain to the New World in the 16th Century is one of the strangest, most fascinating tales ever told.

Conquistador, slave, shaman, the man experienced, quite possibly, the greatest human transformation in the history of our species. Lost for nearly a decade, he underwent an incredible physical, psychological and spiritual metamorphosis. Join us for a communal reading of La Relación, De Vaca’s account of his journey as told to the king of Spain.

The central event in the Cabeza Debacle will be the communal reading. We will all sit in a circle, passing the book around, taking turns reading out loud to each other. As we read the text we will pause to partake in the following activities:

A group weeping and laughter ceremony.
A clothing optional, subtitled screening of the 1991 feature film Cabeza De Vaca.
A ham bar, featuring Jamón ibérico alongside fine Spanish cheeses, wines and breads.

This event is organized by David Fenster with music and audio effects by Devin McNulty.