Catherine Wagner and Aaron Kunin
Date & Time
October 23, 2012, 8pm
Machine Project

Maybe you’ve caught Aaron or Cathy at Machine before. If you have you know how surprising, consistently unsettling and richly pleasurable their work is.

We are very excited to have Cathy here in town for a night away from presidential politics drenched Ohio, where she lives and teaches (at Miami University of Ohio.) She has a new book out from City Lights, that old time favorite very much alive house of erstwhile bohemian literary adventure. The book is called Nervous Device and it is a twisty-turny enlivening experience. It wakes up words on every page, while trying urgently to figure out what it means to be doing so.

Catherine Wagner’s bio at the Poetry Foundation.

Aaron lives here in LA and teaches at Pomona College. His work is also relentlessly wakeful and word animating. Aaron’s poems snap and turn in ways that are as challenging emotionally as they are pleasing vocally. His most recent collection is the Sore Throat from Fence Books. Coming out any moment now is a book of fragments, Grace Period, from Letter Machine Editions.

Aaron Kunin at PennSound.