Electronic Voices
Date & Time
August 24, 2012, 8pm
Machine Project

Bright ideas shine from a beam of light above our heads, strong feelings churn our thickest muscle buried deep in the chest, and worry stabs our vulnerable guts.

But, to project those ideas, pains, feelings, one’s whole identity to the world, vibrations hum in the throat, through the mouth, and past one’s lips. Voices are active symbols of who we are.

During the 20th century electricity merged with the human voice, and synthesized new cultural identities. The Sonovox, the Vocoder, dynamic loudspeakers, condenser microphones, the Talk Box, cell phones, and Autotune are inventions that defined and amplified new human existences and social movements above the din of modernity. These devices modulated, imitated, transmitted and encrypted mankind’s speech, fostering a louder, multi-dimensional, and subversive global conversation.

Composer, sound designer and multi-media artist Justin Asher will give a lecture and demonstrate these devices, vocally filtering them through the stories, art and emotions of WWII, the afro-futurists, post-war technocratic socialists, baby boomer consumerists, and millennials.