No Nutritional Value: Introduction to Modern Food
Date & Time
December 16, 2012, 8pm
Machine Project

In the effort to promote proper nutrition, Fontbron Academy is proud to present “No Nutritional Value: Introduction to Modern Food”: a free lecture designed to elucidate the student in the correct ways of healthy eating, safe dieting, and table manners.

Topics discussed will include:

  • Table manners
  • Purging What not to eat
  • Where not to eat it
  • Alternative uses for food
  • Cooking tips
  • Common eating mistakes

In the interest of providing students the best education possible, all relevant information has been gleaned from the annals of art history. Artists discussed will include: Janine Antoni, Sophie Calle, Paul Cotton, Karen Finlay, Allan Kaprow, Paul McCarthy, Adrian Piper, Carolee Schneemann, Jana Sterbak, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Zhu Yu, and many others.

The Fontbron Academy proudly presents Lectures for Better Living (Through Art), a series of six performative lectures that will endeavor to elucidate the many valuable life lessons that can be gleaned through a careful look at art history. What can the work of Chris Burden teach us about gun safety? What can Tom Marioni teach us about alcoholism? Can a Paul McCarthy sculpture really help us understand air travel? You bet it can, and we at the Fontbron Academy will tell you how. Using rhetoric, PowerPoint, interactive elements, and a little imagination, each lecture will explore a different topic through the uniquely illustrative power of art. We hope you will join us for this transformative learning opportunity.

Founded in 2012, Fontbron Academy is composed of Robert Fontenot and Micol Hebron.