Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Help us buy some fancy ham

On Saturday, September 8th at 5pm we will host Cabeza Debacle: a several hour marathon event inspired by the story of Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca’s voyage from Spain to North America in the 16th Century.

The evening will be centered around a communal, dramatic reading of an english translation of La Relación, De Vaca’s account of his journey as told to the king of Spain. Interspersed throughout the reading will be activities such as:

  • A group weeping and laughter ceremony.
  • A clothing optional, english subtitled screening of the 1991 feature film Cabeza De Vaca, hosted by the president of a Los Angeles naturist group.
  • Physical, psychological and spiritual metamorphosis.
  • Accompaniment by various special guests throughout the night.

Obviously, for this event to be a truly gluttonous debacle, we need to purchase the finest, fanciest and most opulent imported Spanish ham that money can buy: Jamón ibérico.

Since its inception, Kickstarter has been used to fund some pretty noble projects: socially-engaged documentary films, innovative and life-improving inventions, and opportunities for earnest, hard-working bands to produce their first album. But, to our knowledge, the platform has yet to be used in order to crowdsource a ham:


Donations of $50 or more will guarantee admission to the event, where you can party like a rapacious conquistador with all the Jamón ibérico you can consume.

Seating is limited to 30 guests. We will open up an RSVP list on Wednesday, September 5th if there are any seats left available.

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