Monday, December 17, 2012
Holiday Workshop Gift Certificates

Looking for the perfect gift for someone in your life who wants to learn how to read minds OR solder a synthesizer OR make bitters OR build a primitive lie detector? Are you uncertain which of the four topics best suit their personal idiosyncrasies? As part of our year end membership drive we are offering a special Choose Your Own Workshop Gift Certificate, or CYOWGC for short.

You can purchase a CYOWGC and the recipient will be free to choose ONE of the following workshops taking place in February:

  • Mind Reading Workshop: artist intuitive duo Krystal Krunch will lead participants in developing their psychic abilities.
  • Musical Soldering Workshop: participants will learn to solder by building a primitive, but totally rad hand-held synthesizer to take home.
  • Lie Detector Workshop: a hands on electronics workshop where participants will build a primitive lie detector in the form of a galvanic skin response meter.
  • DIY Tonic & Bitters Class: cocktail enthusiasts will go home with their own batch of aromatic bitters, made in the pre-prohibition style, with their own two hands.

Gift certificates are $40 for members / $50 for non-members and can be purchased at the bottom of our donation page: http://machineproject.com/build/engine/join

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