Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Machine This Week: August 2nd – August 4th


EVENT : The Ongoing Legend of Master Legend

Thursday, August 2nd at 8pm

Joshuah Bearman will give a talk on the legend of Master Legend, a real life superhero based in Orlando, Florida. The talk will be followed by a dramatic reading of excerpts from Master Legend’s self-illustrated comic books, which will be available for purchase by collectors after the lecture. Come and learn about the Legend Tower, Master Legend’s Justice Force, and his impeccable ability to drop-kick as a service to the local community.


EVENT: Let’s Start With The Obvious

Friday, August 3rd at 8pm and 10pm

Johanna Reed and Marcus Kuiland-Nazario star as “a hero” and “her arch-nemesis” in Let’s Start With The Obvious, a performance of compilations showing the greatest movie insults and threats of all time. Since this 20 minute play quickly escalates into a frenzy of rage and unbridled epithets, Guru Rugu will be on hand afterward to lead everyone in a calming meditation session.

There are two scheduled performances for the evening: the first at 8pm and a second at 10pm.

The 8pm performance is now Sold Out. Please RSVP for the following 10pm performance by clicking the link below.



EVENT: A.K. Screening

Saturday, August 4th at 8pm

Join us for a free screening of A.K. by Chris Marker, a documentary of Japanese director Akira Kurosawa filmed during the making of RAN.


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