How to Transform your Studio Practice, Using a Design Process: A Workshop
with Clive Dym and Miriam Dym
Date & Time
July 21, 2012, 12pm–3pm
Machine Project
$5 for members
$10 for non-members

Clive Dym, design engineer/professor, and Miriam Dym, artist-industrialist, would like to help you think about how you can use (or at least explore) a formal design process to make things or to develop processes.

We invite you to bring a project or a process of your own to this workshop. Dym and Dym will introduce design and problem solving techniques and some of their systematic approaches. (While a project or process is not required — we can supply you with one or you can assist another participant — we think you’d get more out of this if we can help you make progress on a problem of your choosing, as opposed to solving a “toy problem” that we provide.)

The workshop will be divided into productive segments in which components of the process / approach will be dealt with systematically. Participants will work in small 2 to 3 person teams on these different segments.

1: defining the problem / process
2: defining desired criteria of each participant’s project / process: what parts get included, what can be excluded
3: defining the goal, e.g., describing the desired industrial end goal

Participants will break into small groups to do exercises that build out aspects of the end goal. Participants will work through exercises dynamically on paper (plans and charts) and by making rapid, small models using scrap plastics supplied by Miriam (and the participants if they’d like).