This Peculiarity We Afterwards Observed in Other Streams; They Flowed by Night and Became Dry by Day
with Fiona Connor and Andrew Gohlich
Date & Time
August 4
Machine Project

Update:  This event has been postponed. Please check this page or the Machine Project weekly email for information on the rescheduled event.

Fiona Connor and Andy Gohlich are exhibiting a suite of photographs and sculpture. The works will be installed in and around a sidehill viaduct located 4 miles up the 2 from the 210 freeway. The show will only exist for a day and will be accompanied by a poster and texts generated from Connor and Gohlich’s research.

Carpooling and comfortable walking shoes are recommended; please be safe and courteous with other drivers, motorcyclists, and cyclists on the 2.

This event is part of Machine Project’s Field Guide to L.A. Architecture.