Member Services: Cool Stuff We Saved for People Who Are Willing to Support Us Financially because We Love All of You but Seriously We Have to Pay the Rent
Date & Time
August 25, 2013, 2pm–7pm
Machine Project

Beloved Members of Machine Project, please join us Sunday August 25th for an extra special platinum lounge version of the stuff we’re just too busy to do for the general public. But we will do it for you, because you are very special to us. Members only!

MEMBER SERVICES will feature:
*Famous graphic designer and amateur graphologist Ben Benjamin analyzing your handwriting
*Famous author and phrenology expert Colin Dickey analyzing the bumps on your head
*Famous mystery band Fol Chen providing personal and unique music for you
*Famous director of Machine Project Mark Allen drawing your inner spirit animal
*Famous musician Paul Fraser providing an improvised soundtrack to your tarot card reading by famous tarot card reader Malisa Humphrey
*Drinks (booze and non booze) & snacks (gluten and non-gluten)
*A sneak preview of Machine Project’s upcoming dramatic storefront transformation (that may include a haunted cavern, a mystery theatre and removing part of the floor)
*Lots of good vibes

MEMBER SERVICES is only open to Machine Project members. If you’re not a member now, we have to tell you but a few of the great reasons to become one. You get invitations to special events like this one. You get advance tickets to performances with limited seating (plays that take place in a minivan, for instance). You get discounts on workshops. You support all the free programming we offer at the space. And your membership is tax deductible, because we are 501(c)3 non-profit charity. You can become a member for as little as $10 a month or $64 a year. Have we convinced you? Sign up here!

*Are you a member? Members can RSVP here. Just type in the secret password we sent to you in the members e-mail on Tuesday, August 6th and then pick a one-hour time slot for you (and a +1 if you’ve got one). Email machine@machineproject.com if you lost or did not receive your secret password.

Since we know our members have other red carpet events to go to and we don’t want to overload our sensitive clairvoyants, you should just arrive some time within your 1-hour time slot. Don’t worry about arriving exactly on time, leaving exactly when your hour is up, or staying for the full hour.

*Are you currently weeping bitter tears because you are excluded from this event? Become a member right now! Why wait?

*Do you have no idea if you are a member or not? Read our custom Machine Project Membership FAQ here.