Paris at Machine Project
Date & Time
January 26, 2013, 5pm–10pm
Machine Project

Paris at Machine Project

5pm: Davide Balula
“Analog Heart”

In this performance certified instructor Kevin Kinnon will demonstrate CPR (réanimation Cardio-Vasculaire) techniques and procedures while musicians illustrate the sounds of the body fluids and heartbeats via analogue synthesizers. Featuring heartbeat synthesizers: Wyatt Penn Keusch, James Lake, Dan Letourneau, Raphael Arar.

Attention: Although you are welcome to come by and enjoy the corporeal sounds of the analog synthesizers, a ticket is required to participate in the CPR class. Tickets are $15 for members (discount code = member) and $20 for non-members which can be purchased here.

7pm: Dominique Gilliot
“Approximately Twenty-five Minutes of Metaphilosophical Poetry Exemplified”

When you are standing inside Machine Project and you start looking onto the street, through the windows, on the opposite wall, you can see a sign painted directly on the surface. It reads Printing, and just below Imprenta. This second sign has begun to erase from the bottom. This is the starting point. Then comes the sun, the clouds, a bird that forgot about singing, the magic of it all, a hole in the lavatory that lets you see a watering can and a plant, a potato, a puppy, a pet, a pilot, a piranha, people, partly penetrated by so many potentialities, before, after, meanwhile, a question mark, and that will be all for tonight, thank you very much for attending, this is such a wonderful audience, I can’t believe it.

8pm: Nicolas Boulard
“Specific Cheeses”

Come for a lecture accompanied by wine and cheese. Nicolas Boulard will be speaking about his project “Specific Cheeses”, where he made 12 cheese molds from drawings by Sol LeWitt: Forms Derived from a 12 Cube (1982). Taste the 12 Specific Cheeses made in the molds by Cowgirlcreamery in San Francisco.

7–10pm: Dominique Blais

Dominique Blais will present photographs from his journeys around Los Angeles. Images of the solar cycle, beginning with sunrise in the eastern neighborhoods of LA and finishing with sunset on the westside, will be projected in the gallery throughout the night.

11:11pm: Fayçal Baghriche
At the home of Jen Hofer and Rob Ray

Saturday night January 26 is the last night before Paris Chez Los Angeles returns to Paris Chez Paris. Jen was born at 12:25 a.m. on January 27 (some years ago). French artist Fayçal Baghriche invites you to a birthday party.

French music PLAYLIST.
Bring friends.
Bring beers or other drinks.
Bring treats if you want treats.

Please allow up to 24 hours to receive event address. If you don’t receive the address within 24 hours please email machine@machineproject.com.