Reanimation Library Debriefing and Word Processor Launch
with Andrew Beccone
Date & Time
April 18, 2013, 8pm
Machine Project

Reanimation Library founder Andrew Beccone will present an overview of the library’s history, objectives, and activities. Los Angeles-based writers Colin Dickey and Bruna Mori will read from their contributions to Word Processor, the library’s ongoing exploration of its own holdings.

Dickey will respond to Abyss: The Deep Sea and the Creatures that Live in It, while Mori will tackle a new (and as-of-yet uncataloged) acquisition, Seeing Well Again Without Your Glasses. The evening will culminate in a completely routine—yet often hidden—celebration of technological hoo-ha by publically uploading electronic files to the library’s web host via an FTP client, thus “launching” the new installment of Word Processor. Sparklers will be at hand.

Bruna Mori uses the word “vision” extensively and is fascinated that, after thousands of years of evolution, human sight remains imperfect.

Colin Dickey is the author of Cranioklepty: Grave Robbing and the Search for Genius, and Afterlives of the Saints: Stories from the Ends of Faith. His work has also appeared in Cabinet, The Believer, LA Review of Books, and he is a regular contributor to Lapham’s Quarterly. He is the co-editor (with Nicole Antebi & Robby Herbst) of Failure! Experiments in Social and Aesthetic Practices. He lives in California.

Andrew Beccone, an artist and librarian, is the founder and director of the Reanimation Library. He received his Masters in Information and Library Science from the Pratt Institute in 2005. In addition to coordinating the library’s ongoing New York-based activities, he has organized temporary branch libraries in Carlisle, PA; Chicago; London; Philadelphia; Providence, RI, Joshua Tree, CA, and Stamford, CT. He lives in Brooklyn.