Monday, April 15, 2013
Machine This Week: April 18th – 21st

EVENT : Reanimation Library Debriefing and Word Processor Launch
Thursday, April 18th at 8pm
Reanimation Library founder Andrew Beccone will present an overview of the library’s history, objectives, and activities. Los Angeles-based writers Colin Dickey and Bruna Mori will read from their contributions to Word Processor, the library’s ongoing exploration of its own holdings.

Dickey will respond to Abyss: The Deep Sea and the Creatures that Live in It, while Mori will tackle a new (and as-of-yet uncataloged) acquisition, Seeing Well Again Without Your Glasses. The evening will culminate in a completely routine—yet often hidden—celebration of technological hoo-ha by publically uploading electronic files to the library’s web host via an FTP client, thus “launching” the new installment of Word Processor. Sparklers will be at hand.

EVENT : The Day of Speculative Motion
Sunday, April 21st : Ongoing from 9am to midnight
Tea, toast & talk with Kelly Sears at 11am

The Day of Speculative Motion presents a series of dystopic short works featuring wayward astronauts, ghostly beauty queens, eager soldiers, haunted ex-presidents alluring telephone operators and doomed 1970s high school students. Kelly Sears uses popular American imagery to create parafictional readings of the nation’s past and forge connections with the present-day. These works draw on the intersection of animation, experimental film, recycled cinema, and the film essay. Through this patchwork of American Post War histories, Sears examines the darker side of the American Dream in hallucinatory vignettes.

WORKSHOP : Pantomime Workshop
Monday, April 22nd : 7 – 9pm
Pantomime: the visualization of imaginary things through stylized physicality.
Alexander Technique: a way of tuning one’s whole self to any activity, restoring good natural coordination and giving all movement and effortless quality.
This workshop will explore the spectrum of movement, and how Alexander Technique and Pantomime can be used to take movement to its very essence, and develop movement into stylized physicality, create illusion, convey and evoke emotion, and develop characters.

Registration is $35 general admission & $25 for Machine Project members. Sign up at the following link:

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