Monday, November 18, 2013
Machine this Week : November 21st – 24th


OPEN CAVERN HOURS : Alvarado Caverns and Mystery TheaterThursdays through Saturdays, 8-10pm

It’s our last week of cavern open hours so, if you haven’t yet dropped by, please do! On offer for you we have three ambient musical performances this week…

*Thursday, November 21st: Raphael Arar will perform an ambient & evolving improvised set using pre-processed guitar, live & processed modular synthesizer, piano and vocals that will thematically encompass cavern/theater music.

*Friday, November 22nd: In the theater from 8-9pm, Casey Anderson will perform an in-progress works for radios, found resonators, piezo drivers, tuning forks, and laptops. Then, from 9-10pm Paul Fraser‘s floating head can be seen inside the Pepper’s Ghost performing a cave-themed ambient set (sampling recordings about stalagmites/stalactites, The Goonies, The Dark Crystal, etc.).

*Saturday, November 23rd: Isaac Schankler will emit soothing/agitating drones with an accordion and some electronics, inspired by a recent pilgrimage to La Monte Young’s Dream House.

THEATER PERFORMANCES : Machine Project’s Mystery Theater

Seating for all shows in the Mystery Theater is extremely limited and by advance purchase only. No late seating. All tickets are $9 for members // $15 for non-members unless otherwise noted. For a list of upcoming shows, click here.

*Friday, November 22nd at 11:59pm: insideoutside (a.part) – Odeya Nini and Archie Carey
In insideoutside (a.part), Odeya Nini and Archie Carey sing, play, dance, and walk the line that borders the inside and outside of themselves, each other, and this thing we call the theatre. The result of placing two experimental composer/performance artist/mystical sorcerer/newlyweds on the stage of a mysterious victorian theatre at midnight. Click here to buy tickets

*Saturday, November 23rd at 2:00pm: Double bill: Dominique Gillot & Laura Perini
Dominique Gillot presents ESCAPISM, CINNAMON, ALTERNATE CURRENT AND OTHER FACTS RELATED TO THE ART OF MAGIC, 25 minutes of performative talking involving Harry Houdini, cinnamon, AC/DC and other relevant subjects. Maybe a song. Maybe a poem. Maybe an overhead projector. Definitely an overhead projector. Followed by a brief philosophical talk by Laura Perini on something related to caves, theaters, or caves and theaters. Click here to buy tickets.

*Saturday, November 23rd at 5:00pm and 11:59pm: The Green Room – Justin Streichman with Chip Godwin, Gustine Fudickar, and Davie-Blue
In a crack between space and time exists a shadowed world in need of constant energetic maintenance. Its inhabitants and caretakers, the Smudges, take on their newest transformation. But first, a little R and R.The Green Room is an excerpt of a larger work in progress, The Red Curtain Series. Additional excerpts of the series have been shown at Redcat and HomeLA (Palisades). Click here to buy tickets.

*Sunday, November 24th at 2:00pm: In the Drawing Room: Ambiance by Daedelus with Tea Solo by Jaymie Lao
Plain song, plaintive wails, and symphonic electronics — with a high tea service. **Tickets available to the public on Wednesday afternoon***


*Saturday, November 23rd from 11am-7pm: LA Department of Cultural Affairs Arts Development Fee Temporary Intervention!
On the sidewalks outside 11750 W. Olympic Blvd
Machine Project has curated a series of hour-long performances to take place throughout the day on the sidewalks surrounding 11750 W. Olympic Blvd in West Los Angeles. Performances range from participatory to interpretive, and include synchronized group walking, improvised music, turkey blessings, professional sign twirlers, dance, experimental burden carrying, and non-traditional use of projectors.

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