Thursday, January 10, 2013
Upcoming classes

WORKSHOP : Gastrochromatography
Tuesday, January 15th from 7 to 9pm
This workshop will teach you to separate various components in food, not biochemically (like your stomach), or mechanically/pretentiously (like molecular gatronomists), but chemically, using the basic principles of thin-layer chromatography. We will primarily investigate and compare pigments from a variety of healthful and junk foods, with the opportunity for some artistic forays using these food-derived hues. There will also be discussion of the other major ingredients, their properties, their molecular behavior, and ways to detect these non-colored components. Participants are invited, though not required to bring a colorful food to experiment with.

$15 for members / $20 for non-members. Click here for further details & registration info.

WORKSHOP : Sound Synthesis Class
Tuesday 1/22, Thursday 1/24, Tuesday 1/29, Thursday 1/31 : 7 – 10pm
The electronic synthesis of audio signals is a wonderful combination of mathematics (harmonic analysis and linear differential equations) and electrical engineering (analog and digital signal processing). This class will present the theoretical fundamentals of sound synthesis with a view towards applications in music and sound design. We will use the open source software platform SuperCollider as a toolkit for the class. Requirements: A laptop with a working installation of SuperCollider, headphones, and a love of sound. No prior mathematical or programming experience is required.

$225 for members / $250 for non-members. Click here for further details & registration info.

WORKSHOP : Field Recording Workshop
Saturday, January 26th : Noon – 2:30pm, Sunday, January 27th : 2 – 6pm + concert of class recordings on Friday, February 1st : 8pm
Given the increase of field recordings as compositional material, this workshop is an investigation into the historical, technical, and aesthetic aspects of field recording as a means of documentation and as a musical practice. The first session will cover the various possibilities and something of a history of the genre through listening examples and discussion. The second session will cover the technical means for making field recordings including information on microphones, field recorders, and techniques for improving your sound. You’ll then use a field recorder to create a recording of your own to be played back in the concert of works on Friday, February 1st.

$45 for members / $60 for non-members. Click here for further details & registration.

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