Mind Reading Workshop
with Krystal Krunch
Date & Time
February 3, 2013, 12pm–3pm
Machine Project
$40 for members
$50 for non-members

Watch your intuitive powers magically grow! Marvel as you instantly connect with human beings! Join artist intuitive duo Krystal Krunch in an intensive workshop that will guide you to tap into your intuitive gifts to “see” and speak to another person.

When looking at another through one’s inner vision, we are able to bypass language to grasp another’s “essence.” Everyone can reach through the barrier of habitual thinking to see another person through the intuitive gifts of inner vision, sensing, and listening. In this process, learning to let others see you in your most flourishing, realized state. The processing is engaging and beneficial for both the “seer” and the “seen.” Practically, you will be playing with and tuning your senses to see without eyes, sense through “knowing,” and hear expansively to connect with other human beings directly.

More about Krystal Krunch can be found here.