Out of Sight, Out of Mind Closing Reception
Date & Time
March 23, 2014, 6pm–9pm
the Machine Project Project Space for Projects

Machine Project presents Out of Sight, Out of Mind a group exhibition of artists who use geometry and abstraction to create optical investigations, instigate perceptual play, and generate sensorial complexities while nodding to the art historical precedent of the Op Art movement.

Organized by artist Emily Joyce, the show takes place in Machine Project’s optically challenging Machine Project Project Space for Projects, which has its walls, floor and ceiling papered with black and white checkerboard pattern.

The show features work from Lisa Anne Auerbach, Carolyn CastaƱo, Nathan Danilowicz, Anoka Faruqee, Zach Harris, Julian Hoeber, Samira Yamin, Emily Joyce, Alex Olson, Dennis Koch, Katie Lewis Underwood, Melissa Thorne, Daniel Ingroff, Anna Mayer, Paul Morgan, Christina Ondrus, John Parot, & Aaron Sandnes.

Running from March 14th to March 23rd.