Monday, June 2, 2014
Machine this Week : June 3rd – June 8th

machine this week- june2

Thursday, June 5th at 12:15pm
A miniaturized one-man band plays three whimsical solos for accordion, toy piano, and percussion.

WORKSHOPS: Web Fundamentals for Mobile Design Workshop
Tuesday, June 3rd and Thursday, June 5th from 7-10pm
Raphael Arar will teach you the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the first class, and then you’ll learn how to take these skills mobile using jQuery and responsive web design in the second class. These skills are a prerequisite for our PhoneGap 101 class so, if you need to brush up on your basic web coding, this is the class for you.

WORKSHOPS: Neanderthalism: Handmade Art Materials from your Backyard Workshop
Saturday, June 7th from 1-5pm
Interested in making inexpensive art supplies using materials you gather in your backyard? Want to learn to heat water or cook in a solar oven that costs less than $10 to make? Like to learn about pigments and dyes native to the area? If you missed the Neanderthal fun last weekend, join Katie Herzog in this workshop.

WORKSHOPS: Palm-Reading and Life-Casting Workshop
Sunday, June 8th from 12-4pm
Students will first use an alginate-based non-toxic process to make a full life-cast of their hands. Then, tarot and palmistry expert Zac Monday will teach us the basics of palm-reading and we will read our wax casts. Students will partner up and assist each other during the making of their life-casts, and then later practice palmistry on one another. Each student will receive a personalized reading by Zac and a wax cast of one of their hands to take home.
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