Monday, March 31, 2014
Machine this Week : April 2nd – April 3rd


EVENT : Intro to Textile Design & Sewing
Wednesday, April 2nd from 7-10pm
In part I, learn the basics of designing print patterns for textiles with graphic designer Gail Swanlund. She will help you process any pattern inspiration into a design that you’ll send to be printed onto Kona cotton by Spoonflower.

EVENT : Exploding Plants: Nature’s Weapons of Mass Reproduction
Thursday, April 3rd at 8pm
In this presentation, Professor Dwight Whitaker will show how his research group uses high-speed video photography to capture the ultra-fast dispersal mechanisms devised by plants. These videos reveal that plants have evolved to be remarkable mechanical engineers with a diverse set of techniques to launch objects of varying size. This talk will describe several of these mechanisms, and discuss how these behaviors have helped to increase the fitness of each organism.

NEW PROJECT : The Machine Project Field Guide to Grand Park
April – June 2014
This spring and summer, Machine Project will animate and celebrate Grand Park in downtown LA through a series of creative endeavors including an interactive weather station, a disembodied Raymond Chandler describing Los Angeles at dusk, mutant park furniture (with embedded tracking device), and a wandering miniature theatre. Through participatory performance work, artists will transform the landscape and soundscape of the park into lively art, free and open to the public with projects proposing new ways for the public to interact with art and ideas in public spaces.

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