Explorations in Teledildonics with Jennifer Moon and laub
Date & Time
December 15, 2015, 8:00pm
Machine Project
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$10 for non-members

Join us Tuesday, December 15th at 8pm for a Mystery Theater performance by Jennifer Moon and laub, as part of our ongoing series Explorations in Teledildonics.

In their current exhibition at Commonwealth and Council, laub, me, and The Revolution (The Theory of Everything), Jennifer and laub explore the revolutionary potential of unadulterated and boundless love, in contrast to dominant ideologies of love bound in capitalism. For this Mystery Theater performance, Jennifer and laub will expand on their groundbreaking research in the field of love technologies, such as fecal transplants, gut faeries, the faith particle and more. Join us!

Sorry this event is sold out.

Explorations in Teledildonics is an ongoing curatorial project from Machine Project with Dan Bustillo.