Blisters, Boils, and Open Wounds – FX Makeup Workshop
with Camella D. Kim
Date & Time
October 27, 2015, 7pm–10pm
Machine Project
$45 for members
$55 for non-members

Halloween approaches! Come on down to the Machine Project Mystery Theater for Blisters, Boils, and Open Wounds – a makeup FX workshop with Camella Kim.

Participants will learn a variety of mold making, casting, and make up application techniques using a mixture of specialty prosthetic makeup materials, and everyday household items. Each participant will create their own custom set of blisters, boils, open wounds or other skin afflictions, that can be brought home for future costume applications, or worn immediately for style and flair. You’ll also go home with a two-part latex kit to modify or creating new afflictions in the comfort of your own home. No experience necessary!

Please note – all materials are designed for use on skin, but will irritate those with latex allergies.