Death Metal Vocals Workshop: Guttural Screams and Piercing Shrieks
with Lilia Bogoeva
Date & Time
July 18, 2015, 1pm–3pm
July 19, 2015, 1pm–3pm
Machine Project
$30 for members
$35 for non-members

Join us Saturday, July 18th and Sunday, July 19th in the Machine Project Mystery Theater for our latest workshop covering the fine art of Death Metal vocals. Having a tough time at work? Mad at your parents? Frustrated with the moral and political leaders of your time?

Sometimes all you can do is release a deep guttural scream from the core of your being. But screaming with the frequency and power that your lifestyle demands can be fatiguing and harmful to your body! Don’t despair. Aerialist metal guitarist, metal singer, and vocal coach Lilia Bogoeva is here to help!

In this two session workshop, Bogoeva will guide participants through the basics of Death Metal vocal technique, teaching you how to produce soul-piercing screams, shrieks and growls in a safe and sustainable manner. Get the longevity and pure guttural power your tour schedule/ level of emotional repression demands: sustained, pain-free screaming, day after day after day.

Please note: This workshop focuses on guttural Death Metal screaming, working towards singing extended phrases and verses. More advanced Death Metal techniques require further training to be performed safely, proceed with caution.