Urban Cat Architecture
with Keith Rocka Knittel
Date & Time
February 7, 2015, 1pm–4pm
February 14, 2015, 1pm–4pm
February 28, 2015, 1pm–4pm
Machine Project
$90 for members
$100 for non-members

Introducing…. Urban Cat Architecture coming to you for three Caturdays in February! Join us for an exploration of the wonderful world of cat-themed construction.

Each Caturday we’ll tackle an exciting new piece of feline architecture, and each participant will create a structure to take home to their own cat(s) or kitten(s).

Class 1
Caturday, February 7, 1pm–4pm
Cat Scratchers, Kitty Towers, and Cat Lounges
with Keith Rocka Knittel
Class 2
Caturday, February 14, 1pm–4pm
Window Mounted Cat Boxes: litter boxes, cat hangouts, and more
with Keith Rocka Knittel
Class 3
Caturday, February 28, 1pm–4pm
Outdoor Community Cat Shelter (DEMO)
with Keith Rocka Knittel


From now until January 25th, our dear friends at 356 Mission are hosting a Cats-In-Residence program, a project by Rhonda Lieberman in conjunction with Kitten Rescue. Adopt a cat during the residency at 356 Mission and receive the member discount on the workshop!