Planet 9 From Outer Space
with J-Walt
Date & Time
February 20, 2016, 10:00pm–11:00pm
Machine Project Mystery Theater
$5 for members
$10 for non-members

In conjunction with The Eyes are Always There, Machine Project presents a special Mystery Theater showing of Planet 9 From Outer Space. This solo virtual reality play, presented in stereoscopic 3D, examines alien encounters through the myths of classic horror sci-fi movies, borrowing heavily from The Day the Earth Stood Still, and Plan 9 From Outer Space. J-Walt performs the roles of both moralizing admonisher and archetypal mad scientist, presenting the recent news from Pluto.

J-Walt is a high-tech wizard who creates Virtual Reality universes of animated creatures and virtual worlds live before audiences. Over the decades, he’s created all kinds of high-tech entertainment for movies and theme parks. He has traveled the globe with his Spontaneous Fantasia show, amazing audiences with his visual musical show of wonders. He has designed his own computer technology for his shows, enabling him to invent a completely unique and futuristic mix of music, dance, and visual arts.

Special thanks to Eric Kurland and 3-D Space for equipment and technical assistance.