Cybersecurity for Modern Hellscapes
How to Resist a Trumpling
Date & Time
December 3, 2016, 8:00pm–10:00pm
Machine Project
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Join the LA Cryptoparty Crew Saturday, December 3rd at 8pm for an evening on the basics of cybersecurity under current world order.

We’ll discuss how to secure and encrypt emails, phone calls, and text messages, through easy to use, trustworthy software like Signal messenger and GPG Tools. We’ll discuss anonymous internet browsing options like the Tor Browser and tour you through some relevant dark web services you can use to securely leak documents, anonymously transfer money, and more. Finally we’ll discuss some next levels of anonymity for those who voluntarily or otherwise may be exposed to greater levels of risk. Crypto-knowledgable people will be around to answer questions and discuss ways that the tech-savvy can harness their powers for the greater good. Free beer!