Legion of Hackers for the Revolution: Info Session #1
with The Revolution
Date & Time
January 12, 2017, 8:00pm–10:00pm
Machine Project

A message from The Revolution:

Whether you identify as a black, grey, blue, or white hat hacker, a hacktivist, hacker artist, script kiddie, or neophyte, there is one thread that binds us all together: the love of an intellectual challenge to creatively circumvent limitations of programming systems to extend a system’s capabilities in a spirit of playfulness and exploration, which does not exclude severity or gravity. The defining characteristic of a hacker is not necessarily the activities performed themselves but the manner in which it is performed and whether it has hack value, i.e., whether it is exciting, clever, and meaningful.

The impending Trump regime can certainly be described as a programming system and it most definitely has hack value. One aspect of hack value, in addition to its meaningfulness, is performing feats for the sake of showing that they can be done, even if others think it is impossible. After the election, many people fell into despair, legitimately fearful for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Let’s show our friends we hold dear that it can be done!

In the hacker spirit of sharing, openness, collaboration, freedom of inquiry, playful cleverness, and impossible feats, hackers of all types and skill levels are invited to join The Revolution for an info session on hacking the Regime! This first meeting is simply aimed at evaluating levels of commitment and interest, assessing our resources, and sharing possible ideas for how to move forward. Free and open to all!