Lock Picking and Handcuff Escape Workshop
with John Park
Date & Time
September 25, 2016, 1:00pm–4:00pm
Machine Project
$15 for members
$20 for non-members

*SOLD OUT!* Come down to Machine Project Sunday, September 25th at 1pm for our Lock-picking and Handcuff Escape workshop with John Park.

In this hands on workshop, participants will learn the innermost secrets of how locks work, and begin their journey as masters of the latched world. The class will cover how to open pin-tumbler locks with picks instead of keys, and we’ll practice on progressively more difficult pin locks to hone our lock-picking skills. Lastly we’ll train in the art of escaping handcuffs, for when the law comes a-knocking. $20 General, and $15 for Members, open to youth ages 14 and up. Participants will go home with their own lock picking set.