Print Sale and Wrap Party!
with Special Surprise Guests
Date & Time
January 13, 2018, 2:00pm–9:00pm
Machine Project

Everything has a natural lifespan—crickets, planets, sitcoms, and even art spaces. And so it is with both pride and sweet melancholy that we announce the closing of Machine Project. After fifteen years of experimentation, delirium, and joy, we have finally completed our longest piece: the project of Machine Project.

To celebrate the times we’ve shared jumping out of windows, napping joyfully, and frying the unfryable, please join us for one last event at Machine!

Our print sale will be from 2-6pm, including our entire catalog of limited edition artist prints, followed by a closing party that will be filled with beer and special surprise performances. Mostly, though, it’s one last chance to get together and marvel at how in the world we got away with doing this stuff for so long.

The Machine website will remain online indefinitely as a digital archive. For information about the closing and our history, please check out this article by Carolina Miranda in today’s LA Times.

BYO hankies.